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Principal's Corner

Letter From our Principal

Dear RCHS Parents,                                                                                                                   August 12, 2020

As we reopen our schools amidst a Pandemic situation that none of us wanted but all of us have to endure, I urge us all to pause for a moment or two and take stock of the many things we have and for which we are grateful.

Thanks to the generous support we receive from our School Board and our Board of Supervisors, our school is well equipped to safely return students to our classrooms and hallways. Unlike so many of our neighbors who are going to a 100% remote learning model, we are able to bring all of our students in at least two days a week, giving them face to face instruction and allowing them to safely interact with their peers.

Thanks to the dedication of our teachers and our support staff, we will be prepared to not only teach in person but also to instruct our students via a remote platform that will feature Virginia Department of Education approved instructional activities, complemented and enhanced by the contributions of our own amazing teachers.

Thanks to all of you, for your support and encouragement of your children, our students are ready to return to school, both in person and remotely, and are excited to resume their education and their personal growth.

Last January I stated here that “we are well on our way to having one of our best years ever.” and all signs certainly pointed in that direction. Then March 13th arrived and a two week closure turned into a four week closure which turned into a Virtual Fourth Quarter for our students. No one could have predicted that our year would turn out as it did, just as now no one can predict how this year will turn out.

However, I can predict that no matter what our schedule is or becomes, our students will be successful this year. I say this for the reasons of gratitude stated above and because your RCHS team – teachers, administrators, and support staff – is dedicated to ensuring that all our students have the resources they need to empower each of them to reach their full individual potential. We have learned to adapt to our new environment and are ready and willing to teach our students those same adaptive skills, keeping them safe while being flexible and innovative as we find ways to deliver the top quality education we have all come to expect from Rappahannock County High School.

A few new school year reminders…..

-        Please stress to your students the absolute necessity of adhering to our many safety mitigation processes. We will keep them safe, but they must do their part and follow our lead and our new safety practices. There can be no leeway when it comes to our safety procedures.

-        Please help your students on their remote learning days and ensure they have a distraction free environment in which to pursue their education. And remind them that their teachers are only an email away.

-        Please remember that our School Social Worker, Kathy Sickler, is fully ensconced at our school and was able to build many relationships with many students last year and through the summer. Remind your children that she, Ms. Sickler, is here primarily as a resource for them to use.

-        Please know that the RCHS team will be continuously looking for new and enjoyable ways to create memories for our students. We know we cannot replace the many things that we must temporarily do without, but we can find new joys in new shared experiences with our students. And we will.

Lastly, as the days gradually grow shorter and, eventually, cooler please encourage your students to make the most of every single day and every single learning opportunity. Before we know it May 28, and Graduation for the Class of 2021, will be upon us and we’ll be celebrating the return of summer and the passing of another successful school year.

We look forward to seeing you soon and celebrating the many student successes that are sure to come!


James E. Swindler II, M.Ed.                                                                                                       Principal, RCHS